Who we are

Soil Science Society of Turkey (SSST) has 840 members, most of whom are working in the universities, public sector, and private institutions, and 21 focus points located in different cities of country. SSST is

- the NGO representative of National Coordination Entity for the Struggle Against Desertification within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and prepares the National Action Plan of Turkey in Struggle Against Desertification in pursuant to the UN Anti-Desertification struggle Agreement.

- an NGO established in 1964 in order to develop, disseminate, and introduce the theoretical and applied soil science in Turkey.

- a community of scientists and colleagues, who are dealing with the soil issues. Everyone loving the soil can join the society.

- guides and leads for the protection, usage, and evaluation of our lands by taking into account the scientific experiences and developments on soil and misapplications at past.

- not a political organization but aims to become a scientific structure to prevent misusing the soil and to try developing the awareness on the national soil resources.

- establishes the committees consisting of specialists in the field of soil science, get made the surveys, and have the books and essays written in order to increase the level of soil science in Turkey.

- supports the trainings and researches on the Soil Science.

- gives opinion and makes suggestions to the relevant institutes on the matters relating with the soil science.

- cooperates with other public, private, and non-governmental organizations in order to increase the awareness of public on environment and soil.

- makes publications on the soil science, and organizes national and international soil science congresses, symposiums, and workshops.

-opens and gets opened the seminars and courses, conducts expositions, and shows movies for the public institutions and people involving in the soil science applications.

In conclusion, our expectation from all these attempts and activities is to raise the consciousness that the soil, essential to and source of the life, is vulnerable and to disseminate the consciousness of protecting the soil in the society.