Solidarity, encouragement and trust from the IUSS

Dear Dr. Namli,
In these very difficult moments that our world lives today, receive my message of
solidarity forehead of the health crisis that is also dragging down our economic and social
spheres, deeply hurting our humanity in the face of the multiple deaths of family and friends.
I know the strength of Turkey civil society in the face of eventualities and tragedies, for
which I pray both for all the members of the Soil Science Society of Turkey and their families to
be safe, and for this pandemic to be defeated shortly, giving way to the prompt recovery of the
tranquility of Turkey.
My thoughts are with you.
With affection for the Soil Science Society of Turkey, receive from me a solidarity hug.
Dr. Laura Bertha Reyes Sánchez
President-elect of the International Union of Soil Sciences