16-17 JUNE 2015, Ghent, Belgium

First announcement

Because of the success and the related impact of DESERTLAND I, a conference on Desertification and Land degradation, organized in Ghent, Belgium in June 2013, it has been suggested and even has been requested to organize DESERTLAND II in 2015 at the same place in Ghent, Belgium.

We proudly announce having received the cooperation of UNESCO-Flanders, Belgium; the UNESCO IHP-Belgian Committee; the UNESCO Chair on Eremology, Ghent University, Belgium; the Department of Soil Management, Ghent University, Belgium; GentBC (Big in Creativity), Gent, Belgium and Ganda Publi Productions, Belgium.  More cooperation will follow and will be highly appreciated as well.

GentBC will be the main ‘logistic’ coordinator of the event ([email protected])

(tentative) information of the two-days event:


Subtitle: Desertification and Land Degradation: excess and shortage of water at and in the soil.


Venue: NH Hotel Gent Belfort    website


(tentative) porgramme:

Day 1: Tuesday June 16, 2015.

In cooperation with UNESCO IHP-Belgian Committee

Contact: Prof. Marnik Van Clooster (UCL) ([email protected])

                Prof. Willy Bauwens (VUB) ([email protected])

(tentative) topics related to: Soil hydrology and processes and control of land degradation


Day 2: Wednesday June 17, 2015

UNCCD World Day on Combating Desertification

(tentative) topics related to: Processes, preventing and combating land degradation in drylands

Contact: Em.Prof. Donald Gabriels (UGent): ([email protected]; [email protected])

                 Prof. Ann Verdoodt (UGent) ([email protected])

                 Prof. Wim Cornelis (UGent) ([email protected])



As the registration fee will strongly depend on the number of participants ( a maximum of 100) and on the support received, we will appreciate knowing your ‘intention to participate’ and if possible knowing the (tentative) title and topic of your presentation.

Please indicate:





(tentative) title or topic of presentation

Oral or poster presentation

Please send in due course this information and your intention to participate within an electronic message to GentBC  on behalf of Sven Meiresonne ( [email protected])